Dating torpedo dreigang hub year?

I have never seen a yellow-gold Raleigh Sports, but I have seen two Triumphs and one Dunelt around town in that color. It now has new tubes and tires. Serial Please let me know if you know anything about it, thanks, Becky r4brightred hughes.

My father thinks it might be a Dating torpedo dreigang hub year? bike but it does have a nice metal name plate on the head tube that says Mercury Cycles - Made in England.

I have no idea of the original color, possibly gold. Has a reproduction new Messinger seat.


Please refer to bicycle shown in data base. Have quite a bit of rod-brake items to sell; here's a summarized list: JPG Columbia all vintage except the seat and the paint. A "veeder" milelage counter currently reads miles.

It was in a barn for 30 plus years. Late '50's Hercules "Hawthorne" 3-speed Entered on: Some of the "Cheeta" logo has rubbed off on the chrome chain guard. Any info appreciated, email chuck zutco. JPG western flyer ? New super-heavy duty rims, tires and spoke for one pair of wheels: They look darn close to NOS, it looks like they were used only once or twice there is a small amount of rubber on the brake track and they were covered up in a dry place.

My name is Simon from the Netherlands. It was a neighbor's loaner. The chain kept coming off, so my Dad went back and got the No 1 Screamer.

So far, I put a new seat, new wheels, tires, and after having waxed it a few times, it now has most of the old glossy finish to it. I cleaned it up and fixed it. I know the front wheel is not original, unsure of other parts.

I haven't found much about it except that it was originally purchased at K-mart. I do have another English 3-speed that was given to me 3 years ago.

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It appears it may have had a hard red plastic seat which is missing. Very light weight, very fast and fun to drive. Twist Grips Entered on: I am looking foe a black 3 speed ladies bike in exellent shape. I came across a 21" mens Raleigh Sports in a Yellow-gold color.

Replaced chain July ' The extra long fork blades needed to wrap around the 28" wheel can loose alignment easier then forks on 26" wheel models. I can't find an indicator chain to fit this but it appears to first pull the clutch into second them pull the planet cage off theleft end driver.the 3 speed Dating torpedo dreigang hub year?

hub is the predecessor of the today called SRAM T3 hub. Please check the sram website for details. You can shift the 3 gears via a shifting lever which is connected by a bowden cable with the hub.

FRAME NUMBER BICYCLE DATING GUIDE. HOW OLD IS MY BICYCLE? ‘How old is my bicycle?’ is a question I get asked a lot, nearly as much as: ‘I have a bicycle that looks like one of yours; if I send you pictures please can you identify it for me?’.

Has a 2 Speed Duomatic Torpedo Coaster hub, you kick back the pedals to switch between gears, the secret weapon; very cool!

Un-original handlebars + stem in photo (The bars on the ground beside it were on it and are believed to be stock ones).

Someone hacked the rear fender in half. Welcome, fellow enthusiasts to the Online Bicycle Museum HISTORY of the ONLINE BICYCLE MUSEUM. is the easiest way for fellow enthusiasts to find information on vintage bicycles and the time when Britain led the world in the manufacture of top quality bicycles.

Of course, it’s free. How to date a hub Single Speed Torpedos Two Speed, Coaster-brake Duomatic and Automatic Torpedos Three Speed Torpedos Shipping info For more Sachs hubs, please visit Torpedo Coaster Brake Hubs Torpedo Duomatic and Automatic-Hubs Fichtel & Sachs 3-Speed-Hubs My Name is Jens and I am in Germany.

I work with Fichtel & Sachs hubs. On hubs made from toyou will find a number for the year only on the parts. On hubs made from toyou will find a number for the year on the hub-shell. (Please look at this side for the Single Speed Coaster Brake.) On hubs made from toyou will find a letter for the year on the hub .

Dating torpedo dreigang hub year?
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